Young musicians need your support, please donate

There is a special scholarship program established in our studio. It is mostly built by generous donations of people who want to support child music education. Some funds are coming from donations received from public performance of iViolin project.

All received funds are strictly used to provide free music instrument rentals, to pay off summer camps, to organize public performance of the most talented students of our school and buying entertainment supplies and trophies for students.

There are a few local families who teach playing music two kids in their family at the same time. It puts some financial pressure on family budget, but we are glad that people are so motivated to provide musical education for their children. However any financial help towards those families would be greatly appreciated.

Learning how to play strings instruments is very tough and complicated process especially for younger pupils. There is no button the player can press to produce a sound. Position of fingers, pressure on the bow and movement of both parts is done by ear and knowledge. It requires a lot of motivation from both students and parents. Sometimes we do a trick by giving small prizes to the youngest after every successful lesson. This allows us to keep kids enthusiasm higher and push them slightly towards to new learning goals.

There is a small budget behind this trick which isn't covered by tuition fees. It is mostly built by donations. Even a symbolic donation can make those young players happy after a hard lesson. If you feel that you want to motivate young beginner students please make your donation at amount you are comfortable with. Every donation will work for them!

Strings instruments like violin and cello that we are teaching are quite unique and sometime fairly expensive. Even beginner's instrument costs hundreds of dollars whereas one for advanced students may cost a few thousands. If it happened that you might have a musical instrument at home that isn't going to be used any more we would greatly appreciate if you can donate it to the studio rental pool or to particular student who needs it more.

Generally any kind of unused technical items like computer office equipment, photo/video devices would be gratefully accepted as donation. Beside of teaching we also provide events recording, processing and publishing related materials in Internet. This work is done by our supporters and it also requires a lot of efforts and gear.

Currently Silver Strings Studio operates in private house in Chemainus that has a suitable facility to provide music lessons. However we do have an ambitious goal to open a few branches of music school in Cowichan valley from Duncan till Mill Bay. We know that it is a high demand of music schools in this area but people can barely find them. Some of our students are coming for lessons from Mill Bay and more of them would take lessons if we had some presence in south of Cowichan. This is a big project that can't be arranged if counting only on tuition fees. We are looking for supporters who is willing to make their input in organising child music education in Cowichan. We wouldn't narrow lesson selection to strings instruments only but rather cover the most traditional and on demand music teaching for our children.

Please consider your donation towards to establish quality music education for younger generation. Children is our future and future of our country, and the more educated people are there the more prospering the entire country will be.